Our company, Navigation Services was founded in 2010 and is mainly specialized in hotel and catering industry jobs. Through the years it gradually became one of the Hungarian market leaders in the sector, both in recruitment and online advertising. We have a huge database of applicants for each positions in the industry. Navigation Services has years of proven track record of recruiting and mediating workforce for hungarian, international and cruising jobs.

For Employers, we offer various services which are listed below for your kind attention.


-          Posting advertisements – the basic package includes advertising on our web and Facebook pages.

You are presented with the opportunity to post ads on our web and Facebook pages to find the ideal candidate among our numerous followers.

 -          Posting advertisements social media focus package includes reaching potential candidates where they spend most of their time, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

Navigation Services is the operator of Facebook groups (Vendéglátós munkák, Cruise ship and hotel jobs) and pages with thousands of members, while also being actively present on various other social media. Should you choose the option for your AD of the given position to appear in all of our groups and pages as well as opting for a paid Facebook campaign, please ask for our tailor-made offer.

Contact: Linda Gábor, e-mail: linda.gabor@nav-services.com, phone: 0036703819961


Our company is the partner and representative of several hungarian and international restaurants, hotels and hotel chains. We provide recruitment services for river- and ocean cruising companies on the highest standards.

If you would like to save time, effort and money on writing advertisements, sorting résumés and pre-sreening applicants, this option is especially for your attention.

Our company complies with the most rigorous international requirements (MLC 2006, ISO 9001-2015), while our data handling policy is in line with GDPR as obligatied by the European Union law.

As your recruiting partner Navigation Services Ltd. offers you:

•         Publishing your job offer on our website (around 8000 hits per month) and on social media sites (Facebook) and in well-known national print magazines.

•         Targeted search in our extensive database. We can count on a considerable pool of candidates whom we have known for years.

•         Pre-selection of candidates according to your profile and requirements.

•         Reference checks - we speak with the former Employers and get detailed and correct references.

•            Professional and fast presentation of chosen / pre-screened candidates.

•         Organizing and supporting your recruiting days in Hungary - single interviews, recruiting days or webcam interviews.

•         Consulting and supporting your candidates regarding medical tests, application for visas, etc.


In case you require an offer for this service, kindly contact Linda Gábor by phone on 0036703819961 or via email at linda.gabor@nav-services.com.

We hope to welcome You soon as a satisfied business partner!


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